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Guilin zhengyang pedestrian street - the busiest street in downtown

Date: 2014-12-10

Guilin zhengyang pedestrian street, formally began on October 22, 1999, 2001 officially opened on New Year's eve.Zhengyang pedestrian street geographical position is superior, the east of the li river, central square is in the west, the south lake scenic area, north guilin city.
Zhengyang pedestrian street total length of 666 meters, the hotel, the guesthouse, theatres, stadiums, commercial facilities, tourist attractions around around, make it has a unique geographical advantage.Zhengyang pedestrian street more beautiful because of its comfortable shopping environment, leisure pleasant neighborhood greening, speck of local characteristics, the random nature of leisure facilities, comprehensive and thoughtful services and unique in guilin.
Zhengyang pedestrian street east of the li river, central square is in the west, the south lake scenic area, north of guilin city, guilin is the first to take the way of the markets, commercial construction, tourism, leisure, shopping as one of the commercial pedestrian street, is also the first article in guilin history in the true sense of pedestrian street.It officially opened in 2001 New Year's eve.Safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, having a unique style, the characteristics of colorful, make the city one of the oldest old street in one thousand to glow the youth and vitality, showing strong historical and cultural connotation and strong flavor of modern, has become the guilin shows the political, economic, cultural, business, an important window.