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Guilin guilin liangjiang international airport detailed guidelines

Date: 2014-11-01

Guilin liangjiang international airport is located southwest of guilin in guangxi in the direction of guangxi county town of liangjiang, about 28 km from the city center, covering an area of 406 square hectares.
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (Guilin Liangjiang International Airport) is the country during the "8 ยท 5" key engineering projects, is one of the important regional flight level of 4 f main Airport, the Airport with a total investment of 1.85 billion yuan, in September 1991, after the formal approval of the state council and the central military commission, and construction began in July 1993, opened on October 1, 1996 to navigation.Guilin liangjiang international airport is located in guangxi guilin liangjiang town in the southwest of guangxi district, transferred from guilin city government headquarters, covers an area of 406 square hectares, about 28 km from guilin city center.On 48531 vehicles in 2012, guilin airport, passenger throughput of 5.687 million passengers, and throughput of 33800 tons of year-on-year growth of 2.8%, 3.6% and 2.8% respectively.
Airport in guilin liangjiang international airport has a long 3200 meters, 75 meters wide, 4 f north and south to the runway, 1 the parallel taxiway, 150000 square meters of apron, with 20 seats, freight area of more than 6200 square meters, at the same time, equipped with navigation, communication system, monitoring, and logistics, etc., can provide 24-hour service.T1 terminal at the airport for 2 layer structure, area of more than 50000 square meters, the boarding bridge eight, to the port of the baggage conveyer belt article 8;Terminal business catering and other rental service facilities within the area of 6086 square meters, T2 terminal is under construction.
Guilin liangjiang international airport has invested nearly 20 million yuan, the airport for the greening and beautification, efforts to create "air garden", in 2003, the national LuHuaWei rated "national model green unit".In addition, the airport was built soon participate in the national civil aviation airport "civilization" to create activities.Through the efforts, the airport has hold back the "national civilized airport" and "city civilization unit" two pieces of gold medal.Airport in 1997, and 1998 "national civil aviation passenger words" for two consecutive years under the comparison in the passenger throughput of 2 million airport first, again in 2001 won the "national civil aviation passenger words" appraisal activities from the airport passenger throughput from 2 million to 2 million.As air traffic continues to high-speed growth, guilin liangjiang international airport will be more brilliant, for the economic development and the application of contribution to the national civil aviation.