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Guilin characteristics Yangshuo beer fish food is recommended

Date: 2014-10-03

Yangshuo "beer fish", is a famous local specialties, yangshuo fresh spicy delicious fish, without a trace of the smell of fish itself, beer and ensure the fish smell can make your appetite.As said "don't eat not to know, on eating to forget not to drop", a unique flavor of beer fish attracted a large number of tourists, who were ate after all full of praise, is recommended.
Eat the beer fish, the first feeling is that skin can be so delicious!Scales by a layer of crispy Fried into a shell, and stained with sauce, really is a whole new experience with the tip of the tongue.Another feeling is not to add chili is silly, this dish is only perfect spicy, only strong enough.
The tool of burning is very special, the fish on a flat plate, the plate below is a basin, put some water, is a fire below again, and don't like sichuan hot pot directly put the pot on the fire.So the fish is not easy to burn and heated evenly.
Yangshuo beer fish is to choose living in yangshuo lijiang big carp, with mountains of north guangxi to produce of raw tea oil boil blast first, and then into the fine beer preparation made in guilin, has a unique crisp tender flavor.Strange to say, a but from yangshuo yangshuo beer fish moving to other places, all lost the original flavor, so diners only to yangshuo can taste the delicious sweet beer fish, also became the yangshuo yangshuo beer fish food culture and beautiful scenery.