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Guilin food recommendation Guilin rice noodles

Date: 2014-08-19

Landscape jiatianxia guilin is not only, and rice noodles is very famous, it fine, smooth, flexible, has a unique flavor.Its elegant, first the superior rice ground into a paste, bag filter, chuai into glutinous rice dough cooked after squeezing into rounded root or flake.Park says rice noodles, flake said cut powder, known as rice noodles, its characteristic is white, tender, soft and smooth, and refreshing.It has multiple ways.Most exquisite brine production, the process of each have different, large with pigs, cattle bone, fructus momordicae, and all kinds of seasoning boil them, and/or rich.Materials and methods of the brine is different, have different rice noodles flavor.