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Beautiful pure six in guilin dragon ridge village

Date: 2014-06-29

Guangxi guilin LongSheng County peace six village in the township, located in the famous "guilin dragon ridge scenic spot", from the scenic spot gold pit da-zhai parking lot an hour's drive and 50 minutes on foot.Here are of the minority - yao nationality in guangxi grandparents lived, it far away from roads and towns, without the noise and luxurious, less smog and pollution;Green water mountains all the year round, the water gurgling, eyeful green, vibrant;The terraces, according to the mountain here is folded, curve slow in turn beautiful;The residential house projecting over the water strewn at random have send, the old traditional style, floor ventilated dry and clean;Here hardworking, yao cellular solid, warm and hospitable, halfway met walking by his home will she say "hello", you will come to his house to drink tea, and eat bread.Everyone who has been to the place, all say there is a beautiful pure small mountain village, is the most suitable for people to leisure good place to live.