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Guilin open the cherry blossom season

Date: 2014-03-20

Spring flowers to open, the romantic cherry blossoms may focus on the most popular girls.The reporter understands yesterday from the city bureau of parks and woods, as the climate warmed, zhuhai's cherry blossom has begun to gradually open at present, flowering is expected to continue until the middle of April.
"Cherry blossoms opened, how nice!"Yesterday afternoon in rival south mountain park, many people surprised to find that cherry trees in has the pink flowers, delicate cherry blossoms in the wet spring breeze slightly swinging, great dream.Many girls in the cherry trees, posing as a lovely modelling and the cherry tree.
"This is the first to open this a few plants' king of cherry blossom!"Lotus garden experts told reporters that sanh park several strains of cherry blossom on the island, from 1981, is located in guilin, is planted in our city for the longest one batch of cherry blossoms.Almost every year, they are first open the cherry blossoms, zhuhai has become the "barometer" cherry blossom season, so he is known as the "king of cherry blossoms.
According to introducing, "the king of cherry blossoms" is actually a single cherry blossom, it generally open before double cherry blossom, so king "cherry blossoms" has become a city "guest" opening the cherry blossom season.At present, the rival south mountain park "king of cherry blossoms flowering rate has reached 80%, 90%, excellent ornamental effect.