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To admire the magnificent night at guilin yangshuo small endowment emotional appeal

Date: 2013-09-05

To guilin on the second day I was headed to yangshuo, yangshuo is also admire already a long time in my mind, the night in yangshuo, yangshuo landscape is really let a person is a little big love. The next day to sit after guilin to yangshuo cruise ships, in yangshuo pier get out. On the moment of yangshuo, in fact, there is a little disappointed, I think that's a lot of the common fault of the ancient town, now everything too commercial. But darkness came a would be the entire small endowment atmosphere in yangshuo edification and deep attraction, because in the nook and cranny of west street can find surprise. In yangshuo, time is really used to enjoy, I think I'm crazy for such a small town is, so stay in yangshuo night makes me unforgettable.

At the same time, the west street is also a romantic, even in the absence of an affair, have a drink in a cafe in west street along the street, he sent a night time, or drink in the bar street, watching the street in a hurry and the guys and dolls, stream of people like tide, neon, feel the exotic emotional appeal, are comfortable, quietly was born, there is a transcendental degrees outside. Yangshuo is the birthplace of the domestic small property, with the west street, just had now inside tianzifang, xintiandi, lijiang, brocade, etc, in the here and less strangeness, much in the mood, curious and fresh still no shortage.