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Build strong Spring Festival atmosphere guilin welcome Chinese and foreign tourists

Date: 2013-02-04

Red lanterns hung in the streets and the scenic area, the flowers of beautiful guilin city. On February 1, the reporter in guilin major scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, travel agents, airports and other places to visit, found that through elaborate dress up, guilin builds a warm happiness, joy and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival, with beautiful attitude greet visitors at home and abroad of celebrating the Spring Festival coming to guilin.
Each year during the Spring Festival, the urban scenic attraction is always in the park. This year, early planning for guilin tourism development corporation, in its multiple scenic spot and lanterns, flags, etc were decorated with flowers, create a thick atmosphere of festival season. Before the fubo park, a "xia" waved to the visitors to send blessing, send auspicious, water trucks and small wooden modelling in the set off of flowers, with full of rural characteristics. At the gate of the fold choi park, dotted with hundreds of red lanterns into the scenic spot of the promenade, foil a thick festal atmosphere, has attracted many tourists take photos, darling baby xia model allows visitors to experience the happiness and joy of the Spring Festival. Xiangshan scenic area also pose is characteristic of xiangshan flower modelling, reflect good moral "xia chun".
"Red" element is widely used in hotels, travel agencies in guilin, and shopping festival ambience. Guilin lijiang great falls hotel and tsu hotel with lights and lanterns decorate the hall. At night, the flashing lights as one rainbow, dotted with lijiang waterfall hotel; Tsu fine red lanterns can be seen everywhere in the hotel lobby, hotel service personnel in the traditional festival xi, also for visitors to close service. CITS guilin also in front of the hall hung chun flags and banners. Guilin is contrived to department store with a shopping mall, and cater to the Spring Festival shopping season has carried out a series of winter jasmine promotional activities.
Guilin liangjiang international airport is an important window showed domestic and foreign tourists in guilin. Reporter saw, large colored winter jasmine banners hanging inside the airport, "happy New Year", "the best" and other auspicious blessings sent to guangxi. According to airport officials, they will also work to continue the ambience, strives for to visitors for the first time felt guilin guangxi thick festal atmosphere.
Airport road, traffic node and charging station also build the flower bed and flower modelling, colorful flowers around dressed up amazingly beautiful.
During the Spring Festival, northing new self-drive travel advisory service station will receive a large number of self-drive tourists. Therefore, service stations set up various scenic spots advertising billboard, schematic diagram of guilin's tourism ZiXunZhan hanging on the wall, the big, the lijiang river, guilin scenic area map JingHuaYou roadmap, convenient self-drive tourists to consult. With Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean words of various kinds of exquisite booklet for tourists free file, it introduced the guilin scenic spots and traffic road map.
"The Spring Festival is coming, we are busy with the urban festival atmosphere of the construction work, then, do we have to many means, to promote construction of guilin international destination for tourists at home and abroad related content, further enhance the visibility and influence of the guilin tourism." The city JiaRiBan officials said.