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"In one thousand, DongZhai he dreamed, sanjiang" guilin tour exposition force attracting Chinese and foreign guests

Date: 2013-09-06

5 this month in guilin guangxi sanjiang dong autonomous county to promote "DongZhai in one thousand, he dreamed sanjiang" the 10th China dong "festival, caused the Chinese and foreign travelers and tourists.
On September 5, the fourth China international tourism expo is opening in guilin, guilin from the United States, Russia, Britain, France and other exhibitors from 53 countries and regions. On the same day, in building the unique sanjiang bridge model inside the pavilion, sanjiang dong autonomous county tourism bureau signed a contract with CITS guilin banyan opened in guilin - shuttle bus when sanjiang tourism, marked the sanjiang dong customs successfully integrated into the big guilin above.
Gorgeous dress, beautiful dong sister, wonderful acting, music... Sanjiang dong "sit sister" fragments "silver dance", "song pipa sits stool", "more" reunion "show just one appearance, sanjiang wai packed at the pavilion, the presence of Chinese and foreign tourists for taking pictures, to experience and enjoy dong, sanjiang pavilion to become the most attractive, the most popular travel fair in the day, one of the most popular pavilions.
"Sister", also known as "ZuoYe" or "line ZuoYe song", "song is the dong youth exchanges, love courtship of a kind of original ecological dating culture. Sit the younger sister is guangxi sanjiang bend force to build the world's first dong large subject-live performance.
Performance is a combination of dance, music, folk customs, by many dong most of young men and women in the world guinness - dong the bird's nest on the stage of light and shadow magic, original version of dong culture element such as marriage, work, folk customs, the scene, imposing manner, elegance, play like a golden thread, string dong amorous feelings, let visitors feel the dong culture of plain forthright and sincere, colorful, romantic mystery.
At the guilin international tourism expo, sanjiang dong autonomous county in guangxi also warmly invite Chinese and foreign tourists to the county will host the "one thousand DongZhai, he dreamed sanjiang" the 10th China, liuzhou, sanjiang dong "festival, and through the draw interaction free local each big scenic spot tickets for the audience. On October 1 to 5 in guangxi sanjiang "dong the bird's nest" at the first international super cattle king champions, October 2, crown cave scenic area three provinces guangxi xiangqian trunk lusheng, October 3, one thousand people in yelang culture garden scenic spot and the temple fair, "national treasure" celebration celebration, dong opera performance and October 1 to 7 each big scenic spot features spectacular activity, high expectations.