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Dream is like drunk unreal, guilin landscape paintings

Date: 2013-09-05

Landscape jiatianxia guilin, lijiang river, impression sanjie liu has long been renowned Chinese and foreign. Guilin is a city life in the landscape. In guilin, as in a landscape painting, dream to let a person enchanted.
Live in the picture
Starting from the guilin liangjiang international airport, about 35 minutes drive, you can see on the shore of the lijiang river, YuShan bridge in guilin shangri-la hotel. A full-bodied Chinese red embedded between the mountains. This is currently the latest five-star hotel in guilin.
Into the hotel, find their own room and can't wait to open the curtain, the lijiang river landscape of a complete: rolling hills, qunfeng green jade, li river like a jade belt lies at the foot of the mountain. So beautiful scenery, let a person is not willing to give up immediately go out. Bubble a cup of green tea, sit by the window, the green river, fishing light glides, across the river DieCaiShan, hidden-away east. For a while under the drizzle and mountains more hazy. Very grateful to hide in the room can enjoy such an ink painting picture scroll.

The next day, specially got up very early, mind of cucurbit flute at the hotel the garden for a walk, fresh air to let a person cannot help to take a deep breath, outside the garden is the lijiang river, a lot of guilin locals are along the river running in the morning.

Perhaps really can't live up to the guilin landscape, reveals the guilin hotel everywhere, the corridor hanging the painting of guilin, cucurbit flute climbed up the carpets and wallpaper, can while guilin rice noodles in the hotel "sweet palace" or "ideas" coffee restaurant taste, can cook in the open kitchen "ideas from coffee" for diners live demonstration of guilin rice flour production process.

Drift in the li river
The lijiang river in guilin, of course, can not swim. Intoxicated Yu Qingxiu or boat drifting in the lijiang river, the mountains and the charming ShuiYing between, from the best Angle to watch the elephant trunk hill, fubo hill, rock, and the old mountain famous scenic spot; Or walking along the river, climb the mountains sometimes, commanding view the lijiang river scenery, is another story.

The lijiang river landscape essence in the cheerful ping. You can all the way from guilin by boat drifting to the cheerful ping, also can from guilin and then drive to the cheerful ping the essence of the li river boat tour.
A born beauty, the li river DanZhuangNongMa always becoming, sunny landscape such as painting, rainy days are splash-ink freehand brushwork. Xing ping's most famous scenic spot called the nine horses mountain, at this point, the tour guide will call you out 20 yuan yuan contrast, then took pictures. Because 20 yuan note on the landscape. A little boring, isn't it? In fact, the best solution is to rent a bamboo raft, a few people who quietly floating, look on both sides of the kit kat mountain, see fishermen put the crane to catch fish, see the cows on the grass to rest, sometimes see a few water buffalo FuShui swam.
Eat in west street
The cheerful ping about 45 minutes' drive from yangshuo, the combination of terraced fields and mountains all the way to show the karst landform is a kind of beauty. Suggestions in west street to eat dinner. Walk on the stone slabs, right across the street on both sides is busy small craft shops, as well as with outdoor bars, cafes and now it is not only a gweilo visitors, many hotel is a foreigner open bar.
Choose a outdoor table in the west, and there is no "kink" what small endowment modelling, have to drink coffee, or a bowl of rice noodles and beer fish, and many different people of the past and see clothes, etc.
, satiated with food and must go to see the "impression · sanjie liu", generally accepted theory is that no matter how impression series, the most good-looking or "impression · sanjie liu", it is.