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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Guilin Sapphire Hotel (Sapphire Hotel Guilin), L'hotel si trova nel vivace Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street nel centro di Guilin, vicino al paesaggio Xiangshan, zona panoramica banyan, strada dello shopping turistico e strada del cibo, a pochi passi dal fiume Tahua, dal lago banyan e dalla montagna Xiangby.
Lo stile di decorazione dell'hotel è unico nello stile romantico europeo classico, mostrando il regno dell'arte orientale e occidentale, antica e modern a civilizzazione. È un raro boutique hotel business nel centro della città.Tutte le camere dell'hotel sono dotate di bagno indipendente, TV LCD, asciugacapelli e altri servizi moderni. Ogni camera offre accesso a Internet a banda larga e servizi telefonici locali.
Allo stesso tempo, l'hotel è dotato anche di un parcheggio indipendente con servizio caldo, che è la scelta migliore per affari, turismo e tempo libero.Heavyiron
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Recensioni Ancora
  • my baby
    Hotel is located in the West side road, there is a tiny parking lot, technology bad parking is a bit of trouble, but better than nothing at all, the room size, quiet, though in the city centre, many restaurants downstairs, overall, was Guilin road was too narrow, not big cities
  • DearDoris
    Four star standard, very comfortable, and is located in the street but not very quiet, convenient meals, lodging, and we were very satisfied!
  • ljerving
    200 to enjoy star treatment, satisfaction. helpful, facilities were great, the location of the hotel is also very good, downstairs is the West side road, round the corner of Zhongshan Road
  • davy1221
    Hotel noisy, is surrounded by pedestrian streets, shopping is convenient, but very noisy at night. 260 less value.
  • GeorgeOnline
    Good location clean, convenient, bathroom small, affordable.
  • Mrs snail
    Besides the advantage of points really isn't a choice location, outdated facilities, light does not shine hair dryers bad socket without power, alas!
  • arvincarlos
    And we think it's great
  • fynita15
    Is satisfied where I lived one of the few hotels.
  • wangying0128
    Hotel location compared near downtown, around has a street, night can out eat things, I to of time is night 11 o'clock, so street of like didn't see, may is because compared late of reasons, eat of select also compared less has, only barbecue like of. waiter compared amateur of like, night back also met special service personnel access, hotel of facilities although has refurbished had, but also is feel compared old, and also didn't digital TV, only several diePaste can be seen. in General, for temporary duty, and who care about the people.
  • aabbc
    It wasn't too bad
  • annie_in_corner
    In General can also
  • lupuming
    Wrong, good value for money
  • e00772127
    Every way you can, and still very satisfied with
  • e03878842
    Often, the best service, is a nice place, and overall satisfaction.
  • lxy600776
    I feel very comfortable, highly recommended.
  • Tommy000928
    It's OK
  • E01800655
    Also, eat around a lot.
  • jety_yu
    Where hotel is not far from the bus station, less than 10 minutes on foot. There are many shops to eat downstairs, very convenient. rooms are large, beds very comfortable, bathroom mirror vintage is beautiful, it is a good hotel, Guilin, next time I go to stay.
  • lillyjill
    West side street, the hotel is eating, more locals. Nice. sound is not so good, can hear the voice of the corridors and the next room, is clear.
  • L7809613
    Free pick up service, hotel found here naozhongqujing, walking Street, shopping is convenient to eat! front desk very helpful! recommended Oh!
  • ayami
    Hotel location is very good, on the street side, and playing around is very convenient.
  • eugene_yiu
    Single room no Windows. double room was very good
  • elona_yang
    Good location, four days in a row, is very convenient for shopping for dinner downstairs, will opt for later!
  • GG1983
    The good location of the hotel, right in the street, eating is very convenient, don't fight. but the room is too small, there's a depression, and the lighting was too Dim.
  • lavender57_1014
    Is in the city center pedestrian street, shopping is very convenient. hotel an older hardware, room is large, Super big bed room was really super, recommended!
  • air0398
    Only 2 stops away from the railway station, road traffic heading north from the hotel Gate 5, 6 minutes to reach Lake area. walk 10 minutes to reach the Xiangshan Park, Sun Moon Tower. we live in the room downstairs was West side road, began to worry about not too loud, okay.
  • Jet_wen
    Hotel is located in West Street, convenient transportation and elegant environment, good service, and cost-effective, it is worth staying.
  • Alex-jia
  • Duane
    Sanitation, City Center.
  • e00119905
    Well, Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
  • nosoco
    That's good
  • ABCD Ann white
    It's not bad
  • amei48
    Wall mold, lead to musty room-no bath robes, shoes are not a one-time unsanitary.
  • tanco
    Order friends!
  • leontravel101
    Clean, Western-style decoration, is a very comfortable hotel, next time will come.
  • Jessie refueling
    Was just going to live one day, results, environment and location is very convenient, so for a few days more, very good hotel, price is also great value, praise
  • aaron0306
    No?, a bit noisy, but the location is good!
  • evamo
    Which is very nice
  • mina_fan
    Easy to find, rooms were very comfortable and sleep at ease, it's wicked!
  • melodytxy0
    Too noisy surrounding
  • benfong2005
    Looks bad, but there is room is very big and very European-style on the street, Cheung Shan, Wen Chang Pier is close to the attractions of the two rivers and four lakes, walking distance to the
  • e01514942
    Very good, free upgrade to deluxe room ... recommended!
  • e01497861
    Great location, convenient transportation, hotel facilities and price is not coordinated, a little expensive.
  • A-Den
    Hotel location to find, others are also very good, and are repeat customers and to stay the night.
  • flora0807
    Very nice hotel, recommended!
  • garumelody521
    Here is the night market, very convenient.
  • Ans0n
    Also, the network a bit
  • dylan99
    Good location, convenient shopping, air conditioning, sound is a little big. is quite good.
  • lnfsfu
  • aganbb
    Here in the street, very lively, no WiFi in the room I'm sorry.