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The Guilin Sapphire Hotel (Guilin Lanbaoshi Jiudian) is a business hotel located on the bustling Xicheng Pedestrian Street and within walking distance to the popular Taohua River,  Ronghu Lake and Elephant Trunk Hill. The Guilin South Railway Station is just 1.5 km away.
All rooms are equipped with all the standard amenities,  including LED TVs and free broadband Internet access. [View Detail]    

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  • aabbc
    It wasn't too bad
  • dongyi0722
    Room was large. eat and drink downstairs is a pedestrian street very convenient, the bathroom doesn't look clean, shower curtain moldy, overall, because relatives in the vicinity, next time around if nothing new choice, or will it go
  • jenny_ye
    All right
  • e04199430
    Sent out three large and one small, scheduled a three-person suite. the size of the room, cleaning staff are on-call, very polite. Hotel good location, Xicheng road, evening meals is very convenient for shopping. twin towers and Shan scenic area very close to. it is worth staying at!
  • linwei1115
    Nice hotel, the room was large, clean and tidy, the traffic is convenient
  • gnixnew
    That's good
  • rl600515
  • Allie923
    Location is suitable is located in Guilin region. health is quite satisfactory, staff attitudes can also.
  • fanwuliang
    Good payment vignette
  • mjliang
    In the middle of West Street junction, was very lively, with food and shopping, style of the decoration is luxurious wind, old Europe, like
  • wundring
    Very good, very good hotel, recommend
  • centra
    This is I long so big live had most nausea of hotel, if not involves personal privacy really wants to put a Zhang front desk reception Member that Zhang faces to everyone see. second is room hardware facilities, door brush can't, try has half, best also is to to front desk took password door, into has room put card put into electric slot, three minutes broken once electric, again run to front desk took charging card, however this also not is what, outside drop with temperature intends to meeting air conditioning, half started can't, asked asked front desk is how back thing,Waiter up asked has a sentence you will open did? wipe, you think I is ancient through came of did? Dang proposed requirements room of when, front desk waiter of replies is sorry we this full has, for can't. Special reminded about everyone I set of is round bed room, waiter said full hotel on two between round bed room, remaining of didn't want to said has, live with was is Guilin tourism of a big failure......
  • Bianca0620
    Nice, convenient travel services in place
  • baby0021
    Very convenient, downstairs is the night market, very convenient, but caught up with power outages, only from the suitcase down on the six floor, unfortunately
  • cooooooooool
    Luxurious decoration
  • sevenrui
    Nice hotel with balcony is very characteristic, if the balcony can add curtains would have been preferable. in addition, the shop is opposite the hotel worthy of recommendation.
  • lastii
    Environment is very good, next time you will go to
  • sunnyeee
    Location good, nice
  • liontown
    Good location, facilities, out of pedestrian streets and convenient
  • airrainbow
    Well, TV is old, around the very busy
  • cj821229
    Good location, food shopping is more convenient, the door is Forrest Gump restaurant. Unfortunately, we stayed that night for a few hours of heavy rain.
  • julie007
    While it was tricky to find at first we liked the location. It is in the night market area on one of the little side streets right next to it. The cab dropped us off down the street and just pointed as cars cant come up the street at night - its all tents for the night market. We found it and it was great for the night. The "King" room was twin beds, so that was confusing, but they were comfortable and the decor in this hotel is fun and art deco style with blue colors - our room had a raised area with a comfy chair and a nice desk with a lamp and chair - so it was bigger than expected. Fun atmosphere and lots of place to wander around to for food, music, shopping etc. In the daytime - close to bus stops, banks, the main street through Guilin. Even a KFC close by if you need a coffee or something non-chinese, but the local food is great in Guilin.
  • caomulan
    OK, almost lol heheheh
  • Answer262625
    Well, praise
  • beerboy818
    Advance room rate, only to arrange a similar room in the worst kind of window, results in addition to upgraded to Deluxe standard rooms have window, unhappiness.
  • gaolin320
    Quiet and comfortable, affordable, is not very good, poor network, next time you will visit the store
    West side road on the edge of indoor facilities and so on are satisfied, and slightly ~ ~
  • lili976985
    Room WiFi signal is too weak, no. Still can!
  • blandwang
    Is one of the best hotels in the region of the location, far away from the central square. good environment, clean and well-equipped.
  • sandy4314
    It wasn't too bad
  • rain_82
    All right
  • lxy2007
    The hotel can also, without balcony, but very clean
  • lenovo9131
    OK ... very clean
    Super convenient location the hotel, on West Street, downstairs there is a lot of good, service is also very good, the rooms are comfortable.
  • nnnnnn
    Hotel service was very good, comfortable living.
  • deemon
    All aspects are good, good!
  • e01944155
    Hotel environment also is good of, away from Guilin railway station, Guilin bus station are is near, and on in street inside. eat of drink of snacks are has, to has night also has many out stall of can shopping night market. most cool of is downstairs on has must taste, to points duck neck added small wine is is comfortable. not past have when Hotel said is lock system upgrade room card open can't door are times are to called people door is not convenient. OK environment service also can. and away from Xiangshan Park also is near, we to Xiangshan publicPlay the Park is walking back and forth.
  • taotao_255
    A very good environment, and clean, next time will go live
  • CFM888
    Nice hotel, is the parking space was full to go out and find their own charges for parking.
  • acliurui
  • i_love_ly
  • lily4008206666
    Convenient, close to the pedestrian street, is not noisy, Shan scenic area, Jingjiang Princes City is near. set Super King bed, really big
  • e00026078
    Hotel, hotels elevator maintenance, took to the floor of
  • Angla
    Nice hotel good location
  • liping321
    Great location convenient to the nearby scenic spots
  • AmandaYang
    Still OK!
  • annlin
    Hotels in Nice, and pick up free service, convenient location, affordable price.
  • daidai
    Hotel facilities good
  • bo6153
    The location is very good, and also upgraded our room types, all in all very satisfied with, next time will stay
  • bellacindy
    It is so remote, room, service so-so