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The Guilin Sapphire Hotel (Guilin Lanbaoshi Jiudian) is a business hotel located on the bustling Xicheng Pedestrian Street and within walking distance to the popular Taohua River,  Ronghu Lake and Elephant Trunk Hill. The Guilin South Railway Station is just 1.5 km away.
All rooms are equipped with all the standard amenities,  including LED TVs and free broadband Internet access. [View Detail]    

住客评论 1974条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • daidai
    Hotel facilities good
    Opposite the hotel is the effect
  • Elsonleo
    Very good location, hygiene is also very good, night market is downstairs, not far from there is a next Chun Kee Roast goose, over more than 600 metres from the long distance bus station, one stop vehicle
  • awesome P
    Surroundings, convenient shopping. less than 15 minutes from elephant walk, not far from the twin towers. offal good downstairs, Forrest Gump. room is a little old, toilet sanitation in General. but the advantage is that if one day tour collection and dismantling at Xicheng road signs there. convenience.
  • dear_lena
    Overall it was good, return the day before living in there ... my only gripe is the lobby of the tour, it's screwing me, then several sight-seeing walk, Moon mountain large banyan trees, what to reap nearly 900 of the tour, and four standard rooms boast
    Very good, hotel was very convenient, very clean.
  • dengsyan
    Border facilities are OK, very good
  • scarletpetal
    Price is expensive, location OK, is very close to the train station from the station, hotel is a bit old, toothbrush but this hotel very good, and very soft, storage over time is still charging
  • abby1234
    Well, Miss holiday peak prices are also very good
  • lynn225
  • e03206394
    National Day holiday is wrong, hotel rates are particularly high ... Hotel is very easy and convenient, is no fun in Guilin city, only hotel room in addition to the hotel, no travel value
  • fangmo123
    Convenient traffic around the room TV and few can see finally CCTV5 clearly was not looking for someone to say this is what they call the front desk switchboard this fix only the problem
  • e00617397
    Located in the pedestrian street, eating out easy. suite air-conditioned, ensuite free upgrade to 4, for two nights, family very happy.
  • e00691189
    Convenient, good location
  • carolxu0330
    Good location
  • longnvbaobei
    Shopping convenience, room
  • eddy2008
    All right
  • aaeert
    Good location, next to the pedestrian street of Xicheng, shopping eating convenient, quiet, and clause is a tatami room, the space is too small, too little room outlet charging is not convenient, parking lots are too small ... ... ... ... Overall OK
  • motar123
    Okay, convenient, door Street
  • wangjie269
    Is Street to facilitate health services under excellent
  • tigeryanyan1
    Nice hotel, good location, next to the pedestrian street, eating is very convenient for shopping
  • enewell
    Convenient downstairs is Xicheng road
  • LFIP68
    Location is good, and two rivers and four lakes from Xiangshan Park are very close, at the night market on the edge, very convenient.
  • lu3012008
    All right
  • dufedevil
    Stop, 4 nights Guilin of the 1th nights, 1 night in Yangshuo, Guilin came back 2 nights. selected the Sapphire hotel in Guilin, free luggage storage, to Yangshuo travel light. First night gave us a 2 floor, the corner of the room, overall good, slightly less than. Two days later, 6/f, room very satisfied, in addition to WiFi No 2 floor of 6 well. Hotel location is very good, is located on the West side road, in a quiet, traffic is very convenient, we offerFit group in West side road there are collection points. Zero bright attitude of service altogether; fully equipped, complete with bathroom slippers and room slippers, 6/f, the air conditioning is centrally controlled, independent suspension type air conditioning noise than the 2 smaller. Supplies a full range of bathroom, shower CAP, cotton swab. replacement of towels towels. TV remote control not work, has no effect. plugs are not very abundant, but three people can simultaneously charge three cell phones. room spacious, clean and comfortable, Selection of General warrants, if the next opportunity may also choose this.
  • wiinny
    Booked double room, bed was large, the traffic is convenient, and downstairs is a pedestrian street, very convenient-
  • fujiali111027
    Good, good location
  • tigerpan1974
    Good location at the centre of city and a walking street. Convenient to travel around.
  • allanj
    Positive: Great location near Xicheng Road. Hotel was clean and staff was helpful at referring us to restaurants and sights in the area. Hand wash or dry clean laundry service was available in the hotel, although prices for laundry service were somewhat high. Decor/ambiance is fine for a mid-priced hotel. No major downsides.
  • Clifford12
    The rooms, the health service, all are pretty good!
  • ayayay1123
    On a professional Hotel people of angle view, room hardware facilities equivalent to three star of level, first room Mini's no, free of mineral water no, standard hotel of bathroom towel distribution number is 8 article, here only two article towel, two article tissue, a article to towel, room no bath robe, these are forget, Cabinet in only two bed quilt, gas masks no, flashlight no, umbrella more no, (to of not when this days shopping Xia storm, although himself prepared has), wineShop out is Street, eat of is convenient, but hotel is no breakfast of, supermarket downstairs opposite is, room is is big of, but bathroom too small has, toilet on in bathroom door behind, shower between of glass door are to with bathroom door fight has, too narrow has! again has is Hotel air not is good, is stuffy, room taste also bad smell, bed is two Zhang 1.2 of spell up of, that is super big, front desk beauty of service poor, overall for General but, also onMore than more than 200 dollars, a penny an ounce of truth or some of the goods, lobby with travel sense, like spicy a little more expensive than outside, mostly these days stroll rains, holiday hot days, rains from travelling, didn't play stupid, drunk!?
  • Appple
    Outside street-but not noisy at night-good-much better than I thought
  • free_lance
    It wasn't too bad
  • a415021029
    Second stay at coming back from Yangshuo, the room still stick, evening walk across the hotel is the famous Forrest Hotel, taste good, after drop in night markets, having various sour taste (various types of fruits and vegetables), all kinds of crafts, products were readily available.
  • george858
    Service attitude is good, the hotel gave me the wrong room and immediately helped us into Deluxe Business room double standard
  • xgalloys
    Health needs to improve
  • SUNCUI123456
    Very good, the environment is good, location is good, very close to the pedestrian street
  • Aileenwang
    Very good! is the pedestrian street below!
  • dalong73
    Nice hotel, clean, good service, convenient, from the bus station, train station 2 station! recommended!
  • cola_candy
    Location is good, the environment is good, cheap, on the pedestrian street, convenient
  • coolcui
    Hotel was comfortable, reception staff very polite. convenient, in the pedestrian street! and locks are locks! big up!
  • nicola84
    Very good hotel prices are also very good!
  • luoyong107
    Location is very convenient, and also a lot of places to eat nearby
  • bignoise
    Great value comfortable is the renovated old point
  • liyilunben
    As a whole can also, on West Street, eating is easy, to elephant walk for about 10 minutes, seven recommendations 11 road by bus to the door, can go to the small Hong Kong Mall walking at night, next time you chose to live here
  • yibo666666
    Good location, is the snack Street, colored snacks variety of noodle, there is a pedestrian; go away is another pedestrian, walking distance to be able to see the night scene Lake Creek.
  • E02035749
    Very good, often live, what need not say to Guilin, just stay here, eat sweet, Macau restaurants, there are delicious spicy soup, lamb meal, very convenient
  • bati19830427
    Hotels in West Street, good location, convenient traffic.
  • wtd108
    Very good, free upgrade to a better room, very happy
  • clemence
    Very clean, big rooms.