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The Guilin Sapphire Hotel (Guilin Lanbaoshi Jiudian) is a business hotel located on the bustling Xicheng Pedestrian Street and within walking distance to the popular Taohua River,  Ronghu Lake and Elephant Trunk Hill. The Guilin South Railway Station is just 1.5 km away.
All rooms are equipped with all the standard amenities,  including LED TVs and free broadband Internet access. [View Detail]    

住客评论 2060条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • lxy2007
    The hotel can also, without balcony, but very clean
  • dylan99
    Good location, convenient shopping, air conditioning, sound is a little big. is quite good.
  • Dinomen
    General General General General General
  • raown
    Big bed is large enough, two standard room bed together. right next to the XI Jie night market, but only sell Arts and crafts.
  • daciaww
    Have lived here, on a pedestrian street, not bad.
  • fffms
    Quite satisfied, front desk service is also very good ... like
  • Jessie refueling
    Was just going to live one day, results, environment and location is very convenient, so for a few days more, very good hotel, price is also great value, praise
  • e00026078
    Hotel, hotels elevator maintenance, took to the floor of
  • Ms_toma
    Location is very good Oh, HA HA HA HA
  • jieyao123
    All right
  • baobao0205
    May is national day of reason, really not what
  • abbytea1125
    Room was very good. King Street to eat a lot. Can go to the next day's near the elephant trunk Hill
  • ladenliu
    Super convenient location the hotel, on West Street, downstairs there is a lot of good, service is also very good, the rooms are comfortable.
  • e00057274
    The location was excellent, room was very spacious and also have a good health
  • lolaweean
    Around the city to travel more convenient. around eating anything. evening walking street market. rooms are slightly small.
  • elona_yang
    Good location, four days in a row, is very convenient for shopping for dinner downstairs, will opt for later!
  • pattyfenglan
    The living room is not very good, worse than last place.
  • e02373154
    Hotel very good, is pleasant of once stay experience, location in West Road Street dining traffic are is convenient, front desk service is good as meet customer needs, worth a mention of is rooms of cleaning do of very in place, daily comes back saw room clean new mood is good, decoration also is good from railway station playing taxi came Shi driver also has been said we set of hotel bad, are not know in where, private open of certainly no so reminded to Guilin tourismFriends, Guilin taxi extreme lack of regulation of the market, a variety of scams, would like to introduce you to his shop and so on must be determined to play in Guilin had to take a taxi, I was able to take the car brands of care must be
  • mofeng
    It's OK
  • ngautammei
    The good location of the hotel, health facilities is very good, the best is near many restaurants, cost-effective, whether it is a family holiday or a business trip is a good choice.
  • alan125
    Very good
  • lovet
    Which is very nice
  • adanggu
  • e00306436
    Convenient and the environment is good, the price is fair
  • lenovo9131
    OK ... very clean
  • leomao
    A into room, a unit taste drift came directly stimulus to I and wife of brain, then plug door card, all switch are open has, does still also is found lights serious of Dim, this both added in with, mood suddenly bad has! TV on without see has, full is Mazi points points (to zhiqian see has donkey friends of reviews, owner reply has good has, will owner, you is really of good has did? fundamental on cannot see!) Carpet felt dirty, the only comparative advantage is good terrain, Go out the pedestrian street, quite lively at night, so when the final rating, ambient 4 points, is one point, immediately got up the next morning for a XX hotel prices are little more than more than 100, and dozens of times better than this! how did not say, woe betide anyone who lives!
  • Jarod.Li
    Rooms are OK, health and good! but is bed and no light switches, rather awkward. everything else is good!
  • e00014651
    Hotel is very close to the train station from the station, below is a lot of food, you can also shop
  • tianxie2725
    Good surroundings, eating more convenient front desk staff, is the second stay at the
  • e00160808
    All right
  • Crystal peach peach
    During the national day holiday is no way, the price is too expensive. okay.
  • cagsnic
    Very much, prices are suitable, convenient
  • centra
    This is I long so big live had most nausea of hotel, if not involves personal privacy really wants to put a Zhang front desk reception Member that Zhang faces to everyone see. second is room hardware facilities, door brush can't, try has half, best also is to to front desk took password door, into has room put card put into electric slot, three minutes broken once electric, again run to front desk took charging card, however this also not is what, outside drop with temperature intends to meeting air conditioning, half started can't, asked asked front desk is how back thing,Waiter up asked has a sentence you will open did? wipe, you think I is ancient through came of did? Dang proposed requirements room of when, front desk waiter of replies is sorry we this full has, for can't. Special reminded about everyone I set of is round bed room, waiter said full hotel on two between round bed room, remaining of didn't want to said has, live with was is Guilin tourism of a big failure......
  • fencer
    Location can be
  • n_baobao
    Convenient facilities
  • Leonor
    Environment is very good, next time you will go to
  • carinawang0901
    Hotel just walking the streets, shopping and dining conveniently. Deluxe rooms have a balcony, room look spacious lots, and not much more expensive than normal standard room, very affordable. OK
  • dbxt05
    Nice hotel.
  • la5wenjie
    Free upgrade to double room comfortable clean were most satisfied with the service at the front desk answer in place which is good!
  • baixv
    Well Yes, we booked a day
  • Davidyang001
    Hotel location is very good, health is also very good, very close to places to eat, highly recommended
  • Angla
    Nice hotel good location
  • lugfxu
    Sanitation does good, the room was big, bed was very comfortable, but the WiFi is really weak.
  • e02063313
    Lights do not suit us, health, higher price points.
  • e02502378
    In General, is a good location for visitors,
  • jay123
    Well, next time
  • amina
    National Day holiday prices are more expensive, but upgrades for free in a double room, good ... location was good, from the top, near to the bus station. room adjacent to West Street, a bit noisy at night.
  • Jeremy1978
    Not bad, but not in the downtown area is very noisy
  • e02429230
    Great location convenient to shopping